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Creatron Electronics Services.


S E R V I C E S . . O F F E R E D :

Turnkey Solutions for your Electronic Ideas:

  • Complete electronic design, this includes hardware, software, pre-production and test fixtures.
  • Hardware design, manufacture, testing and maintenance.
  • Software design, driver, low level interface, acceptance test software and main application creation.
  • Firmware design. Altera CPLD, FPGA and embedded processor designs.
  • Test environment.
  • Comprehensive Data-Packs are issued to clients upon completion of design projects.

CAD Utilising Altium (summer 09):

  • Schematics with user specific symbol creation.
  • Schematics design reviews.
  • PCB and user specific part creation.
  • PCB design reviews.
  • High-speed digital design.
  • Small form factor.
  • High speed serial communications layout.
  • Multi-layer PCB design and routing.
  • Surface mount technology.
  • Ball grid array (BGA) and micro BGA.

Custom Specific Hardware Design:

  • Creatron is a hardware design house, with the capabilities to create software for the hardware. Products are created to the user requirements.
  • Test fixtures, test setups and automatic test systems created for the design.

Custom Software:

  • Low level software capabilities. Custom drivers and embedded software, using C.
  • PC application software (Windows and LINUX), using C++.
  • Embedded NIOS, Creatron has extensive knowledge on both hardware and software for the NIOS processor.
O T H E R :

Hardware Design Reviews:

The hardware design is studied and reviewed. Any design inconsistencies to electronics standards are noted, construction or design faults are located and recorded and a review of the technical operating specifications is performed.

Hardware Failure Analysis:

The hardware is checked under all operating circumstances and technical faults are located and recorded. Electro magnetic interference sensitivity and emissions are evaluated. The cause of the failure is located and recorded.

Hardware Design Re-packaging:

Hardware is redesigned to fit within certain new operating volumes and environments. Hardware layout and technical specifications are redesigned to operate under the new conditions.

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