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About Creatron

Creatron Electronics was established in April 1988 in order to create an inventive electronic design house that specialises in electronic subsystem design.

Located in South Africa, Creatron is situated in the countries economic hub, Midrand, Gauteng.

For contractual projects, Creatron designs and develops hardware and software for each project.

Let your imagination free and Creatron has the capability and capacity to create your electronic design.

Creatron is a 'Proudly South African' company.

Latest News
  • IDS816/805 Remote Control Demo Available. Please contact us for more information.
  • Phone number changed
  • Release Quasi isolated RS422 /RS485 to USB Converter.

.. USB ↔ RS485/RS422 Quasi Opto

  • Release LIN (Local Interconnect Network) to USB Converter.

.. USB ↔ LIN (Local Interconnect Network)

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