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Serial Communication Spy / Sniffer (Comms spy)
  • Dual Channel Communication Spy.
  • Various Display formats: ASCII, Hex etc.
  • Auto Detect available serial communication ports.
  • No driver needed, for Windows and Linux ≥ 2.6.26.
  • Limited VT100 on single channel, with XMODEM upload capability.
  • Configuration file save configuration, restore on start-up.
Available Downloads

Custom Protocol on request

Please contact Creatron for a price.

EPCS Programmer (Using Createblaster or Altera ByteBlaster II)
  • Small footprint programmer for Altera EPCS4,8 and 16 Devices.
  • Able to read EPCS and save content in a file.
  • Linux and Windows versions available.
  • Driver: Modified porttalk driver availble for Windows .
  • Linux driver and executable available on request.
  • Jam player available in Linux version (Jamplayer can almost program any CPLD and or FPGA), not only Altera devices.
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RS232 to RS485
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